tall and straight, and can cover the bulge on the body

However, fat girls generally have relatively plump curves, and they can also properly show the advantages of their figure when matching. The exaggerated dress that frees oneself can sometimes divert people's attention. The bright colors are full of street feeling and bring a hint of cuteness, The straight design can effectively cover all the flesh, and the gray jeans choose a loose style, exposing the slender ankles for a slimmer look. All items are loose-fitting, covering all the sturdy parts of the body well. The color-block print design is full of street fashion and a touch of retro feeling, slightly revealing the ankle line, with pure white sneakers, making the whole look more Harmonious, thick bottom design can show height. Boldly showing a plump figure will not only not look funny, but will have a sexy style. The design of the short top outlines the plump curves, with a skirt and high heels, which is full of femininity. All garments are loose-fitting, covering the excess fat while bringing a touch of comfort and casual color. The sweater also chooses a larger mid-length style, and the soft and warm texture makes it even more lovely

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